Items for sale / swap in Enfield North London and surrounding areas

Sell / Swap / Exchange in Essex, North London, Waltham Abbey, Enfield and surrounding areas.

If you need to ask any questions please feel free. You will need to be a member to post in the group but posts made will be able to be viewed by non members of the group.

1. Sellers items must be posted with pictures and contain at least the basic information for the item. A legal and acceptable post for an item for sale must contain a)Photo B) Brief description C) Expected price for item D) Area Item is being sold. If this information is not included in full or clearly stated then we can remove posts. Also photos must be uploaded to the group album. Any links to your albums will be removed.

2. Please be polite and do not repeatedly BUMP your item back up to the top of the list or it may result in the post being deleted and repeat offenders can be removed.

3. If other people are interested in an item and have already expressed their interest please wait your turn and do not try and offer better prices or try to queue jump.

4. All posts, questions, comments prior to sale need to be posts on the group wall photos. Do not contact sellers by private message, all posts must be public. People found to be entering into sales via private message should be reported to admin and sellers if you are contacted by private message can you please let us know or you risk being removed from the group. (Once sale has been confirmed then feel free to private chat / message to exchange details of meeting and collections etc...)

5. If you buy items of high value then we ask that you use common sense and trust the seller and it is recommended that you try and protect yourself by using PayPal to give yourself at least some sort of comeback if any problems arise. WE CANNOT ACCEPT ANY FINANCIAL LIABILITY FOR TRANSACTIONS OR SALES THAT HAVE GONE BAD FOR ANY REASON!! We are purely here to help people find bargains locally and do not accept responsibility for any problems at all. We will certainly remove illegal posts or members that break the rules but cannot take any other kind of action or accept any responsibility for sales, money or items. This all lies between yourselves.

6. If you agree to purchase an item but do not show then we ask you to re arrange another as soon as possible. If you make no contact with the seller and do not show then you lose your right to purchase the item and we would deem the seller to be breaking the rules if they sell to someone else. It only takes a matter of seconds to message someone if a problem arises and you cannot make the appointment so please give them the decency of letting them know you cannot make it. We reserve the right to remove anyone reported as non showers.