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Hi,My name is Ajay Marwaha. .I help men and women define and achieve their fitness goals,be it fat loss,muscle gain,improving strength performance,bodybuilding or increasing stamina and fitness level for playing a sport,

I have approximately 18 years experience in fitness and nutrition.The best part about my journey into the fitness world is that i have learnt it the harder way,did experiments on myself,extreme fat loss, extreme muscle gain,cardio ,strength training,ketogenic diet, use of ergogenics,you name it and i have done it on myself.All my experience was later complimented by multiple qualifications in personal training,strength & conditioning,sports and performance nutrition which adds credibility to my knowledge and experience in fitness.

The knowledge i share is NOT we all learn from fellow members of the gym, its not BRO or QUACK SCIENCE,its all based on sound scientific facts and principles based on years of research(not necessarily by me) involving human kinetics,bio mechanics & scientifically proven principles of nutrition and diet.

The purpose of creating this page is NOT to sell you worthless fitness supplements or products,the purpose is to provide correct and accurate guidance to men and women on fat loss and other fitness goals that they want to achieve.The fitness industry worldwide is unfortunately, full of pseudo experts on fitness and nutrition who propagate and sell nothing but CRAP under the disguise of personal training,consultancy and fitness supplements.The aim of this page is to make you distinguish between BULLSHIT & genuine of fitness ! . You will get ample tips, articles,tutorial videos and loads of motivation here !

Feel free to ask questions on BODYBUILDING,FITNESS,MUSCLE GAIN,FAT LOSS,NUTRITION AND DIET.i DO NOT promote Pilates,Yoga or aerobics so please don't ask questions related to that !

Please do NOT sell or promote products or services here or you will be thrown out of this page instantly

One word of caution,be mentally prepared to read harsh or crude words/language at times ! sorry cant help it .