Second Nature Meditation and Holistic Health Training

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Spring 2013 10-week program, February to April

Weekly 1 hour meditation sessions led by Tibetan monks and Emory instructors.

Includes weekly activities, discussions, and guest speeches by leading Emory School of Medicine scientists in the field of meditation and stress.

Meditation logs encourage daily 15-minute meditation on your own, an essential component of the program

Research-backed by researchers at Emory School of Medicine

Meditation myths debunked!


Sanitas is a 10-week meditation program that aims to help students develop a consistent practice of meditation and incorporate this healthy habit into our daily lifestyles. Whether you have practiced meditation before but have had trouble maintaining a daily practice, or whether you just want to try something new in the hopes of developing a healthy lifestyle, this program is suited for you! In fact, it is suited for anyone and everyone in the Emory community.

Four types of meditation, including compassion meditation, will be introduced in a progressive order, and daily practice will be encouraged throughout via weekly group discussions and meditation logs. The program is based on three main pillars in order to be effective.

Motivation: Via guest speeches by Emory experts on the benefits of meditation, group discussions on successes or issues encountered during meditation or in integrating it into daily life, and articles.

Practice: Meditation will be practiced at the weekly sessions and daily practice on an individual basis will be encouraged for participants who wish to integrate it into their daily lives. New meditation styles will be taught every two weeks to give students a sampling of different types of meditation, and resources will be available for further practice of any given meditation style.

Reinforcement: Powerful activities aim to reinforce the main ideas covered during the meditation. Ice breakers, team building activities, and energizers will be integrated in the program to make it not only meaningful but also fun. The activities aim to help participants explore the concepts covered during the meditation in a more concrete way and to build introspective awareness as well as a sense of community not only among program participants but also throughout the Emory community.

Opportunity will be given to be in contact with and learn from Tibetan monks, as well as to build community outside of the weekly sessions.