Save the Dobermann breed! Your help is needed now!!

Our beloved Dobermann as we know it is dying and this is a wake up call for all Dobermann lovers! Genetic diseases became a big problem for the future survival of the Dobermann, diseases such as Wobbler, Cancer, Willebrand, Dialited Cardiomypathie have infiltrated the breed like never seen before!

In the past our beloved Dobermann could live to 15, just couple of decades ago, but today many breeders find it ethical to admit that the average life of a Dobermann can be 5-7 years!

The vast majority of today’s breeders build their breeding program to deliver show titles and take no consideration to inherited diseases in their breeding program. In their websites we only hear about “show champions” but nothing about the dogs that die early!

Whatever happened to our beloved Dobermann from “The Dobermann Gang”? Almost each one of us has heard about a Dobie or other that had to undergo some sort of operation caused by wrong bone structure (causing ACL tear, HD etc) or a disease! And what about the so many abandoned Dobies that their owners could not take care of them because of the costs involved with their poor health?? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

Please join this group and invite your friends to this group, this is a petition to FCI and IDC in order to enforce the following rules:

1) It should not be allowed to participate in competitions unless its proven that the dog's pedigree has an averageage of over 9 years

2) No titles can be given without extensive screening tests for major disorders in the winners! Results should be handed prior to participation in competitions

3) Introduction of welfare classes, in which dogs compete based purely on their health and quality of life!

4) Make registration of pedigree dogs conditional upon both parents undergoing large screening tests for major disorders. Affected dogs for the simple recessive genetic disorders should not accepted for registration!

5) Breeders should NEVER put down their dogs when they stop being productive!

6) The number of litters should be limited in order to avoid puppy mills!

7) A bitch should have a maximum of 4-5 litters in her lifetime, - and the last litter before the age of 7.5, or 8 years if her health is checked.

A bitch should have no more than one litter a year, and only once in the females lifetime it's allowed to have two litters in a row, example: shifting from summer to winter litter

8) Introduction of dog breeder warranties or contracts which commit breeders to paying compensation for avoidable inherited disorders that develop in the dogs they sell

9) Revision of registration rules to prevent the registration of the offspring of any mating between first-degree and second-degree relatives. Any mating between parent and offspring, two siblings, grandparent and offspring or half siblings, should result in non-pedigree offspring. This would lead to a reduction in the rate of inbreeding and increase the genetic diversity.

10) Revision of registration rules to limit the number of litters that any male can sire to 6, by restricting registration to a maximum number per parent

11) Obligatory DNA identification of all registered dogs

12) Formation and accreditation of the judges about the importance of the welfare and promote the selection of health dogs in the shows

13) Development of management plans for surveillance the incidence of inherited disorders and public access of data

Educational / Encouraging proposals
1) Refinement of diagnostic tests and DNA markers for inherited disorders in Dobermanns. Cooperation with the research groups and universities interested. For instance there is a wonderful research group at the Utrecht University, directed by the Prof. Dr. Bernard A. van Oost, researching genetic diseases in Dobermanns, particularity Dilated Cardiomyopathy.

2) Measurement of real genomic current homozygosis levels in Dobermann. The availability of the high density oligonucleotide array (Canine SNP chip) would allow a fuller understanding of the extent and distribution of homozygosis in real genomes.

3) Promote campaigns to collect funds for these studies.

4) Increase genetic diversity by encouraging the inter-continental matings.

5) Educate breeders about the genetic problems associated with the breeding of the pure breed dogs.

6) Educate potential owners about the likely problems for the breed to help them to make informed decisions.

7) Promote the creation of a Dobermann breeders and owners group, free associated and regardless of the Dobermann clubs, in programs which accept a restrictive code of ethics about good genetics breeding practices, welfare warranties of its dogs and open acces of data, to boost these practices in the Dobermann community.

Big thanks to Professor Sonia Hernández, this list is largely based on her work and contribution.

This is the *only* way to get Dobermann breeders to start thinking of the breed’s welfare rather than their own pocket! The vast majority of breeders, especially show breeders, want to sell you cute Dobermann puppies and it is us the owners and the dobies that take the hit! Enough is enough! No more abandoned Dobermenn! Long live our beloved Dobermann!

Please invite your friends to this group! Now! Please!