Save Wombat!

Wombie was abandoned by his family. They moved out of state and left him, YES, LEFT him in their house because it was going to be foreclosed upon. Supposedly they called animal control to pick him up. Either way no one from Animal Control ever showed. I found Wombie covered in mud, digging through trash cans for food. I picked him up, took him home, cleaned him up, and found a beautiful full white German Shepherd Dog under all that mud!

Wombie had his first vet visit on Thursday, August 4th. He got all his shots and a heartworm test. We found out that Wombie is heartworm positive, is 10-15 lbs underweight, and has a mass about the size of a ping pong ball growing on his side. Whether or not this mass is cancerous, we will not know for a few more days untill the cytology report comes back.

Wombat did not deserve to be treated the way he was. For four years (his entire life) he lived with a family who probably left him outside most of the time, in the Florida heat. He lived with a family who did not care enough about him to give him heartworm preventative, or even teach him the command 'sit'. And finally, they abandoned him, left him to die of starvation and dehydration in their back yard. Unfortunately, for those four years, Wombat loved them. He was loyal to them, protected them, and did not know that he should have been treated better. Wombie deserves a second chance. He deserves to live out of the rest of his life in a happy home, in good health, with a family who will love him for the sweet lovely boy that he is.

This is what we need to make Wombat better;

Prayer- That Wombat's lump is benign. That we will raise the funds, and that heartworm treatment will go smoothly.

A Family - I am fostering Wombat now. But I need to find him a forever home! Would you be willling to adopt him?

Financial Assistance - I have already spent over $500 at the vet. I still have another estimated $400 to go, for the heartworm treatment alone. I do not het have an estimate for a removal of the lump. Any assistance you can offer would be GREATLY appreciated!

Send all donations to:
Stacie Snipes
6603 Voltaire Dr
Orlando, Fl, 32809

Or call 407-496-1200 to arrange a meeting/pick up of donations.

You can also give electronically via paypal. Just send a payment to [email protected]

Together, we can save Wombat!