Sunraysia Baby, Toddler and Children's Goods For Sale


This group is exclusively for people of the Sunraysia Area to sell, swap or give away items that are related to babies, toddlers and children. You may even want to sell a microwave (warming up bottles), childs bed, swing set, toys etc...

Created for the sale, swap, giveaway and purchase of baby, todler and young childrens products eg: cots, prams, capsules, high chairs, change tables, beds, furniture, clothing, safety products to protect young babies and children, breast feeding pumps, monitoring equipment, books, parenting and baby magazines etc...

THE RULES - not too many to agree to:

PURPOSE OF GROUP - This group is soley for the sale of 2nd hand goods and/or new goods not used and sold from home or home based bussiness.

BUYERS: If you commit to buying something, please carry through with the purchase or contact the seller and discuss it with them.

SELLERS: If you have accepted to sell an item or package at an agreed price, it is best practice for you to do so as you may lose customers in the future. Customers will also spread the word for you if you are an honest and up front seller.

BAD and NAUGHTY ADVERTISERS - Any post that are placed trying to sell an item that admin believes is not appropriate may be removed without notice to the member.

RESPECT - Anyone using this page is to be respectful at all times, when posting an item for sale, commenting, messaging.

CHITTY CHAT - Please try not use this page to chat to others and make endless comments that are not related to the selling and buying of products.

BUMPING - Bump when you like and how many times you like, in saying that please be fair to other sellers. You may like to use eg: Still for sale, Price reduced to $00.00 instead of 'bump' everytime.

ENJOY - Most of all enjoy being part of this group and happy selling and happy buying. Remember, the more you promote the group , the more chances of someone seeing your advertised items.

SPAMMERS - Will be removed from the group without notice.

Thank you,


Use the search box located to the right of the page header above, it looks like a Q or magnifying glass. Click on it and type in cot, size 000, baby seat, toys etc... Until you find what you are looking for.