Small Business Marketing Network

The Small Business Marketing Network knows that you are serious about your business and/or the company you have been hired to maintain. Time becomes a factor and lost time can cost you big money. If you are the one who manages or implements the social media marketing strategy for your company, there's no doubt you've spent some time staring at numbers - followers, comments, influence - trying to figure out what it all means.

This group has been established to help grow your business through Social Networking, Online group collaboration, Ideals and implementation of processes and procedures. All Members and guest are encouraged to share your current Facebook Page, Twitter Account, LinkedIn Information so that others can visit and help grow your message, your brand and your services.

We know that smaller businesses – can also benefit from using Facebook, Twitter as well as other forms of social media, such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and Merchant Circle. The beauty of social networking. “It levels the playing field and provides small business owners another platform or medium to leverage from a marketing perspective