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RE: GUIDELINES for SCA79ersGLOBAL Golden Hearts Fund - since March 2010
July 24, 2012 - Non Profit Organization with Federal EIN#

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Dear All Batch ‘79

Greetings! Hooray for the ALIVEness’ in having a mini get-together fellow Batchmates overseas. Since little funds are being started by Lulu in our amazement through the selling of T-shirts for your mini- reunion in the USA. We are hats off again and our appreciation for the effort of wanting to have something for a fresh start which can be used for a good cause later on.

Guidelines for the release of Funds:

These depend on the funds that we have or while we have funds not below our maintaining amount. In which case we need to raise funds or get donations so that our funds will not be depleted.

1.) Donations of 5,000 pesos in case of death of a batch mate coming from the fund.

2.) Donation of 3,000 pesos in case of death of an immediate member of the family of our batch mate. Like the spouse or children..

3.) In case of hospitalization of less fortunate batch mates who has no means and live within the poverty line, has no work, since we cannot pay wholly for the medical bills and maintenance medicine in case, we give a maximum of 5,000 for his/her medical assistance, the criteria for raising more fund depends on the case of a sick batch mate.Or this case will be brought to the attention of generous batch mates who would want to pledge and give extra or additional specific amount for the person needing assistance.

A copy of his her medical abstract must be furnished to 79ers. A copy of proofs of admittance in the hospitals and other receipts of medicines with physician’s prescriptions for medications must also be submitted for verification of sickness.

(Dear batch mates, please understand that we would like to help appease in whatever concerns there might be at the time of your need.. Please don’t get offended for the verification and asking for valid proofs, these are only requirements to validate as we are a body tasks to extend help that comes not from a single person but from different individuals who entrusted assistance.)

4.) A maximum assistance of 2,000 for a batch mate who needed immediate medication in cases of help for medicines must bring the prescription and other previous prescription, a doctor’s certificate about your illness.

5) Transportation expense can be taken out from the funds for the services we are are going to render, in relevance to our objectives. Like for example going to different outreach where some members could not even afford to share but are willing to be a part of.( this applies to outreach outside the Batch circle, example calamity victims or other outreach…) Again if there aren’t sufficient funds then pass the hat is our solution to accommodate others who can’t afford for the transportations. I believe in God, touching the hearts of those who have more to share.

Note: We shall follow the release of funds for food once we have started giving out our pledges. If there are willing to pledge on a quarterly basis, that would be a big help. When we have sufficient funds that is the only time we will be implementing the release for the subsidized food budget. If our funds is below our maintaining lets say our maintaining funds must always be at least 10,000 pesos. Then no Food budget will be taken out from the funds. ( Note :This subsidized food budget applies only in cases where there will be regular meetings and outreach outside Batch circle)

The funds will be use only for assistance as stated above.NO GALLIVANTING…FROM ‘79ERS GOLDEN HEARTS FUND. If we are to have fun and pleasure then we have to chip in for these kinds of expenses. The funds must only be intended for the outreach purposes, transportation solely for the purposes of rendering our services for the outreach and subsidized food budget for meetings and outreach ( when approved) A batch mate comes to the meeting at their own transportation expense.

6.) SORRY BUT NO GRANTING OF LOANS FROM THIS FUND.We discouraged personal loans, our objective is to be of service, and our help is more on outreach. Loans have been big issues and interest on loans doesn’t do any good in any team, unless its objective is to make money from other batch mates who would want to borrow. We are not here to make profits, so as not to have “ hidwaan” or the shame of not showing up in reunions or gatherings in case the borrower may not be able to returned the money loaned for financial needs. We’d rather extend help based on our guidelines. Let us not encourage something that would be a problem among the brotherhood and sisterhood later on. Kapag hindi napagbigyan o may ibang binigyan ng favor so the rule is no loans for better and harmonious relationships in the brotherhood/sisterhood.

Suggested Guidelines for meeting schedules( in case many are willing )

A.) Those person in charge could meet most often, like every two months Based on urgency.B.) Group/ Team meetings will be done quarterly. C) General assembly once a year.

For the general Assembly, food budget can be discussed during the quarterly meetings and how much to contribute if there are bigger perspectives and plans for the General Assembly.

* The purpose of having a regular meeting is to update the report of funds and the financial status and whatever matters that the participating batch mates would want to clarify in front of everybody or if meeting is not possible we just have the SCA 79ers page for update.

Even if we are doing something worthwhile we can not expect to gain the approval of all our peers. We hope that those amongst us with childish behavior have already outgrown it. SCA 79ers SUPPORT TEAM PAGE shall continue the actions started since 4th of July 2009 from what were remised actions among our peers in the past as long as you believed in its objectives. Let its initiative or action not be mis-interpreted as its purpose is to continue extending hands to what seems to be not so clear and missing or lacking due to inactiveness of what there was before.

The best that we can give is our service through shared time and effort and some assistance or moral support. The best that we can get is a joyful bliss for sharing our blessings and being a blessing to others.


I would love to hear from you and any reactions, objections or comments will be welcomed. We follow what we think is best for the meantime on the suggested guidelines, there are some which is not yet applicable at the moment, while we don’t know yet the number of those agreeable and will participate. We just proceed with what we have on hand for the urgency or immediate help we need to extend. Our progress will be based on each batch mates belief, willingness to support, and willingness to be part of the objective ,what matters is that we did something for the health & spirit of our brothers/sisters, batch mates.

Sincerely yours,


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October 25, 2010

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