Go to to learn more about what our tribe can do for you. Then, simply click the JOIN TODAY button on that page to join our barrel of monkeys! Scanner Monkey is an EXCLUSIVE Facebook group tied in to the website.

This Scanner Monkey tribe is a positive thinking tribe of online sellers that share retail & online arbitrage tips, sourcing strategies, and BOLOs (Be On the Look Out for products).

In order to qualify as a BOLO, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND that the item posted should be:
1) Not widely available or in limited distribution.
2) Not included on the “hot lists” or on endcaps at every Walmart store - we can find those ourselves. :)
3) Turn a profit on Amazon at the current pricing.

This is a closed membership group that is moderated by the founder monkey, Jay Bayne, and Cordelia Blake. The terms and conditions of this group are simple:
1) No sharing of BOLOs posted in this group with anyone outside of this group!
2) Keep it POSITIVE! You may not always agree with the opinions expressed by other Scanner Monkeys, but keep your remarks civil and polite.
3) We have the right to use the information shared for the purposes of updating for member resources.
4) NO posting of affiliate links or promoting of other products or services unless approved by Jay Bayne or Cordelia Blake.
5) Most importantly...have fun!

We have shared over 1,000 BOLOs since the inception of Scanner Monkey in October 2013! However, that is far from the only benefit in our little barrel of monkeys. Members also come to hang out, share online selling tips, ask questions, answer questions, tell stories, crack jokes, show sourcing photos, share successes, and so much more.

Everyone should know the risks of purchasing ANY product to resell on Amazon or eBay, whether you used a BOLO to find the product or not. There is never any guarantee that the product finds shared in this group will return a big profit. However, membership to this group should greatly increase your odds of locating items to resell online.

If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to Jay Bayne or Cordelia Blake. If you are a current member THANK YOU for your contributions to this POSITIVE MINDED TRIBE of caring and sharing Scanner Monkeys!