Booted by Facebook tramps Buy N Sell Hinton

This is a buy and sell plain and simple. We assume no responsibility for any sales or purchases. its up to you to be cautious, and never pay with internet transactions to be safe. People swear, but try to control it, as such this will be an 18+ page. Please be polite, if someone calls dibs try to respect that. its not an auction site, if you sell if for more than you are asking when someone already says they will take it, dont expect them to be happy. treat people as you'd want to be treated. Im not your baby sitter, and if you need one you should be ashamed.

Will not tolerate! Rudeness, disrespect, or any kind of abuse. This will ensure an instant boot from the page. INSTANT. Without warning. Think before you speak, and dont speak out of spite, have respect and dont bump your ads more than once a day. if this is abuse you will be warned once. Try to post photos in an album, i understand many people dont know how to do this, so if it isnt often and doesnt clutter the page, ill look past it. ill add more to this later, but those are the basics. Please message me if you have anymore insight or think you can help manage this page.