The Group - Promote and Mingle with no requirements!

Welcome to the very open, very free and very chilled Facebook Group.

The only requirement I have for this group is that you all enjoy it!

LOCAL MUSICIANS AND BANDS OF SCOTLAND AND THE REST OF THE UK: Feel free to post upon here what you what, when you want! Also, please visit the website and fill out the online form to sign up for a band profile on the site which is being built behind closed doors.

LOCAL MUSIC FANS AND MUSIC LOVERS OF SCOTLAND AND THE REST OF THE UK: Feel free to post your favourite band in the group. Write mini reviews. Whatever you want! I would also actively encourage you to ask your favourite bands questions!

PROMOTERS: Feel free to announce your gigs here!

RECORD LABELS: Feel free to announce and single/album releases here!

ALL OTHER ADVERTISERS IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY: Feel free to post adverts in the group within reason*.

ANYONE OUTSIDE OF SCOTLAND AND EVERYONE ELSE: Join in and be part of one of the biggest revolutions the Scottish local music scene has experienced for a long time!

ANY OTHER QUESIONS? Email me or add me as a friend.

ENJOY!! Tom.

*Advertisers: If you are interested in advertising on the forthcoming website, please email me for further information and our rate card. [email protected]