A sensible debate about Scotcoin

Use this page for sensible debates only please, we have created an open group to try and prevent any barrier to anyone who is unsure about Scotcoin. Please feel free to ask questions that are varied and diverse and be wild in your ideas, just follow the rules:

So all we ask is, read ALL the postings on an individual thread and think before you post, a lot of topics are discussed in detail, so it is likely the topic has already been covered previously in the thread.

Also if you can try and keep comments centric to the thread otherwise we all end up talking about East Enders and Coronation Street.

Let the debate begin and have fun folks.

We will still administer the group though, so the usual rules apply

1) No aggression or abusive comments
2) Don't breach copyright
3) If you are debunking a claim you must substantiate it with evidence
4) Blocking an admin will result in an immediate ban
5) Lack of debating will also result in a ban, we need to let people speak
6) Heckling will not be tolerated
7) Trolls will not be tolerated, go back and hide under your bridge
8) People are not wrong necessarily, just because they don't agree with you, debate don't hate

Anything not related to Scotcoin (unless it's pant wettingly comical), is also out and will be deleted

*As this is an open group, we are taking the stand that you will be responsible and sensible about the debate, if posts get removed by admin, we will not contact you to inform you of such unless your post has legal implications, (which we will pass directly to you).

*Once you are a group member, you can add new members to the group yourself, without admin approval. So go and add all your "sensible" friends, aunts, uncles and grannies

If anyone wants to contribute any particularly lengthy posts or blogs, or indeed have relevant documents, we will store them in the files section of the page, *subject to approval by admin of course