I Support the Seal Hunt


We the people support the use of natural resources. We support the seal hunt, and recognize its importance to rural and native living.

We also fight the falsehoods and propaganda spread by so-called 'activists' in their power and money consuming campaigns against an entire culture.


* Seals are a significant source of income for thousands of families in remote coastal communities in Eastern Canada, at a time of year when employment opportunities are extremely limited.

* Sealers have stated that their income from sealing can represent from 25-35% of their total income.

* The sealing industry is worth over $55 million on average to our provincial economy.

* Since 1970, the harp seal population has exploded exponentially and now stands at nearly 10 million animals.

* Harvesting whitecoats and bluebacks is illegal and has been since 1987.

* Research on the modern sealing industry by veterinary experts has concluded that seals are harvested in a humane manner.

*In 2009, with the world facing the worst economic situation since the Great Depression and a ban on imports into the EU. The landed value of seal pelts was still reported to be $1 000 000. Numbers reflecting the value of spin offs and related industries like processing are yet to be reported.