The "Searchengine" was originally a topical current affairs program which was aired on Peacefm 90.1 in Manchester United Kingdom. The show became increasingly popular with the introduction of The Gathering of Christ Church to its normal presentation format leaving the listeners with countless memories of shows which brought information that at the time was never heard before. As a result the show continued to grow exponentially not only reaching to listeners within the Uk but also to parts of Africa, Australia, North, Central and South America (Canada included) and also throughout the Caribbean. Jamaica and Haiti being at the top.

The show made history when a Jewish Rabbi ,for the first time anywhere, answered questions concerning the Khazarian empire and the authenticity of the jewish people today. This open debate took place live on the airwaves for all to hear and listeners were so captivated that the audio was taken posted on youtube and received many responses from all over the world. It was later decided to add the actual footage to youtube also which can seen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PhAWQLOjfzw. To this day this is the only place you can find a REAL ISRAELITE and a Rabbi on the same panel discussing who the real Children of Israel are.

Due to the content and increasing popularity, the show started to receive internal struggles with the then management of peacefm, as a result the show was suspended.

The SearchEngine International is now a new and revised continuation of the previous. It is now aired every Wednesday on blogtalk radio at 2200 GMT 5pm Eastern standard, 4pm Central.