Govt.S.E. College Bahawalpur

Sadiq Egerton College stands as S.E. College was established consequent upon the recommendation of the Educational Committee of former Bahawalpur state as early as 25th April, 1886. It was initially named Upper Egerton School, upgraded as Bahawalpur Egerton College and in 1895 finally renamed as Sadiq Egerton College after late Nawab Bahawalpur, sir Muhammad Sadiq Khan Abbasi , the fourth and Sir Egerton , Governor of the Punjab.

As a premier institution of the Punjab it has been doing a yeoman services in the field of education,. The college stood as an oasis in the desert between Lahore and Karachi. It catered to the educational needs of the people from far flung areas. It was established as Inter. College. But after that 1896 started the B.A. classes but this educational period (B.A) did not run as long. But again it started the B.A. classes in 1926. In 1927 started the Science (Non-medical) subjects up to inter. After this in 1943 provide the facility of the F.Sc. ( Pre- Engineering). In 1955 The University of Punjab gave the permission for Physics and mathematics classes. Chemistry and Zoology with B.Sc. classes started into 1957.

When The Islamia University of Bahawapur was established then S.E. College affiliated with The Islamia University of Bahawalpur. The Islamia University of Bahawalpur had not Botany classes so it gave the permission to S.E. College to start the M.Sc. Botany classes but do all these tries to build the Botany block in S.E. College was Pro. Dr. Abdul Majeed and in 1991 started the Botany classes. After that in the S.E. College promotes the M.Sc. Statistics classes and started in 1999. in 2005 Government of Punjab started the Islamiyat, Zoology, Chemistry, English, Economics, Geography and International Relation’s subjects at postgraduate.

The present building is spread over 75 classes, 2 laboratories each for Chemistry, Physics and Biology and one each for statistics, psychology, Education & geography. 1 lab for ICS students with P3 systems. The college library is quite spacious with a reading room for teachers. The Library has 35000 books. There are two hostel , Qasim Hostel for the intermediate students and Jinnah Hostel for the Degree Students. The college has two playgrounds. The college has one Mosque.