Seekers of Love and Truth

This group seekers of Love and Truth is for all seekers who seek to discover the truth either by meditation ,devotion. This is a space to share your experiences ,your valuable suggestions to all our fellow seekers . We are travelling on the same boat though are journeys are individual. No beliefs systems or false goals just direct encounter with the truth. :)

Meditation is emptying yourself of all content. When there is no thought moving inside you there is stillness; that stillness is meditation. Not even a ripple arises in the lake of your consciousness; that silent lake, absolutely still, that is meditation. - Osho.

I want to sing like the birds sing not worrying about who hears or what they think. ~Rumi.♥"

Love is the only contentment in life; everything else deceives. Everything else is a mirage; it allures you but it never satisfies you. On the contrary it leaves a feeling of great frustration – money, power, prestige, everything except love. Love gives you the first taste of contentment. One feels perfectly satisfied as one is, and in that state of contentment God comes in. "
~ O S H O ♥.