Seito Bugei Juku in Peterborough Ontario

Seito Bugei Juku promotes traditional training which includes the holistic study of Okinawa Goju Ryu. The depth and detail of this form of Karate Jutsu is a life time study! It is a great way to promote personal fitness and self defence.

Iaido, the study of Japanese sword, is a personal venture into a meditative Japanese martial art (Bugei). Jodo is the Way of the Stick. Both these arts are taught as separate disciplines from the Karate.

Fall Schedule
Adult(13+) Karate Classes:
Tuesday and Thursday 1930-2130hrs
Saturday 1430-1630
Children's (7-12) Classes:
Tuesday and Thursday 1830-1930hrs
Beginners Children's (7-12) Classes:
Saturday 130-230
Iaido/Jodo Classes:
Sunday 1400-1600hrs

Combative Sports Conditioning and Strike Personal Training Sessions Available

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