Self Publishing Support Group


Any one who knows me personally knows that I'm not for rules. Or Algebra. But our group is growing (yay!), and I am adding people that are outside of my "blogosphere". So here is just a short and sweet list of rules.

1) No sexual content. I like sex as much as the next tired work-at-home-mom, but no sexual content will be allowed in this group.

2) No straight up gorey horror stuff. I grew up reading Stephen King, so I'm not squeemish. But I just choose to no longer allow that genre to take up room in my brain. So since it's my group, well, my rules. Murder mysteries are one thing. Freak show horrorness is a whole 'nother, well, monster.

3) Links are welcome! We want to see your books, your sites, your sales pages. Just make sure that it is relevant and no spamming. Will it spark discussion? GREAT! Will it make you look like a link dropper who just wants to be banned? No bueno.

4) Even though I offer self-publishing services (like fantastic cover design for $400), interior formatting ($250+), and Kindle conversions ($150)), I'm not running this group to just benefit my business. I want it to be a place where members of the SP community can network. And I can't possibly design every book for every person. If you offer a self-publishing service, introduce yourself and tell us why you're awesome and how we can learn more about you.

5) This is not the right group to promote your book in. I will do a thread from time to time where you can link to your book, but do not ask people to download your book or "buy my book please" or any of that other nonsense that everybody hates. Construct a marketing group and get in front of your target audience.

That's all I got for now. Like I tell my children, your actions will dictate the kind of parent I am. So if you can show that you are responsible and play well with others, then I can be Mary Poppins. If you start acting crazy and disrespectful, my Madea comes out.