Sell It.. List It.. DO what you want. No Rules. Sell & Make Money!!

COMMON COURTESY IS A MUST ON THIS SITE!! If an ADMIN suggest something, DONT Argue. We don't suggest unruly things just stuff to make this site run better and people feel better about being here. IF YOU GET RUDE WITH AN ADMIN, YOU WILL BE DELETED AND BANNED. IF YOU BLOCK AN ADMIN, YOU WILL BE BANNED!


Just Some FYI's to try and help this Site Run Better.... PLEASE READ!
Please no Bidding... Please try to put a Price by your items....




I WILL NOT tolerate negative comments on peoples items. IF you DO NOT want to buy an item, then don't comment. I also will not tolerate RUDENESS or inappropriate comments!


Also, I follow all rules Facebook set forth and those are listed in the files tab too.

I can not change the name of the Group and I do like the fact that we are only of the ONLY groups that people can post on and not get "Banned" for breaking a "RULE".... But, I am from this point forward going to ask that our Members put their pics in Albums if you have several items. By Several, I mean 4 or more. Its just less Clutter to have to look through. Also there is a LINK on the FILES tab that tells you how to make an Album.

NO, I will NOT BAN you from this site if you post individual pics; however, I am just deleting the pics without saying a word. Therefor, the time that you spent on adding single pics instead of an album was just wasted. (It may take me a few hours to notice a bunch of pics.. but I will get to them)


Facebook does also ban certain items and I will delete them ASAP. They are: Weapons, Firearms, E-cigs, tasers, Drugs, and Paintball guns... PLEASE do NOT post these items!


No Rules Post anything that you want to PERSONALLY sale.... (except Baby Formula And Items NOT ALLOWED BY FACEBOOK including Weapons and ECigs).... Just use Common Sense, BE NICE to others, and have some Tact. We are all here to Make some $$$$$$$$ and gain some friendships.


Please be Responsible. Know your laws..... HAPPY SELLING AND POSTING!!!!!


I Am NOT personally Responsible for anything BOUGHT OR SOLD on this SITE. I DO NOT OWN this site. Im only here to make sure that people are grown up and dont cause a ruckus. EVERYTHING on this site is BOUGHT/SOLD with all Responsibility Falling back on the BUYERS AND SELLERS. Please check over your items WELL before any money changes hands...