Selling Ohio: Westerville, Worthington, Lewis Center, Powell & Galena

Selling wall: buy, sell, trade, or give away. This is a closed group and you must live in the vicinity stated or in the surrounding areas. All buyers must meet the seller in the areas stated in the title. No exceptions.
Ohio members only.
Most importantly have fun!!!!



Business advertising will be allowed, but may only repost every other day.

No other selling wall postings allowed.

No porn or provocative items to be sold.

Please keep your personnel life story off this wall.

No bidding wars above asking price by anyone or you will be removed from this group.

No animal sales.

No political advertisements whatsoever.

No profanity or you will be deleted.

If you like an item does not necessary mean you want to buy the item.

Play nice in the sandbox.

All selling postings must include, price, description, location, if it is cross-posted and a picture. If not then they will be deleted.

No fake items or knocks to be sold of any kind.

Do not sell any expired items on this page whatsoever. ie: expired car seats.

No firearms or ammo may be sold at all.

Please remove your posting once item(s) has been sold in order to keep this wall somewhat cleaned up.

Please only bump your listing(s) once a day.

The seller has every right to choose who their buyer is. The seller must feel safe about their transaction with the buyer.

Porch pick up can be a great idea.

PPU = Pending pick up

Please let others know if the item is cross posted on another site.

Postings will be removed after 4-5 weeks. Always feel free to relist item(s).

Please note their is an other folder and must be activated from a computer and it seems like a lot messages go in there. So, please check that first.

Admins are not responsible for any transactions that take place between buyer and seller.

Safety first.

These rules are very simple and basic and will be updated as needed.

If there are any issues or concerns with this wall then PM the admin.