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** Selling rules - State location AND price as well as 'ready to leave date' on the photo. All or any vet care info (microchipping, wormed, vaccinated), age & any other relevant information as you possibly can. Bump your post once a day, best to put all pics in an album and bump the entire album at once. Please remember these are living souls and a 'first in best dressed' is never the best way to handle a sale. Best to meet prospective owners first

** Buying rules - First to write sold/sold pending has priority, it is then up to the seller to determine if the potential buyer will be a good owner and care for the animal to their standards.... Sold does not necessarily guarantee you ownership.

** Microchipping - Dogs & cats aged over 8 weeks old given away/sold, must be microchipped by LAW, unless recommended not to by a qualified vet (Vets may not microchip if the animal is too small... The vet will give you a certificate to say animal can't be done just yet & the new owners will have to get the microchipping done asap). We STRONGLY suggest that you abide by these laws or risk fines. HOWEVER it is not Admins job to enforce this!. BE WARNED - Authorities have permission to use this page to monitor the sales of pets that are not microchipped.

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** Who is welcome - ALL animal lovers!! Being a registered breeder or not, does not apply. There are plenty of excellent non-registered breeders and plenty of irresponsible registered breeders out there. It doesn't matter where an animal comes from, it matters where they go. Please help us in this, by offering support and spreading the word to help rehome these animals. Shelters are not always an option, alot are already too full to help.

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