This SERVAS Facebook group is for people who are interested in Servas International including travelers and hosts, members and potential members of Servas in their country.

"Servas" means "to serve" in the international language Esperanto. Servas International serves thousands of people around the world by opening doors to peace and understanding. Servas hosts welcome, share and shelter. Servas travelers seek, learn and experience. Both foster new insight, knowledge and tolerance with a goal toward promoting world peace.

Servas International is a worldwide, non-profit and non-governmental, co-operative network of hosts and travelers with 13,000 open doors building world peace, goodwill, understanding and mutual tolerance. SERVAS seeks to provide opportunities and personal contacts between individuals of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

This Facebook group is now an official organ of Servas International. It is the largest Servas-related discussion forum on Facebook.

You don't have to be a member of Servas International member country in order to join this Facebook discussion group. Membership in this discussion group DOES NOT make you a member of Servas International. To become a member of Servas International you will need to go through the application process and obtain an official letter of introduction. For more information on Servas International and how you can join please visit our web site:

Not everyone in this Facebook group is an official Servas International host or traveler. Please do not share addresses or phone numbers on this forum.

Please be polite when posting and communicating with other members. If you have an issue with the group which you would like addressed (including commercial spam, misuse of the Facebook email function or personal criticism) please contact the administrator privately.

What is Allowed:
* posts that are of interest to Servas members, including links to
blogs, web sites and articles that relate to Servas, language
exchange, and travel issues.
* posts about Servas country events and activities - either future or past
* posts from people wanting information on Servas, questions on how it
works, etc.
* posts from members about their Servas experiences.
* unbiased posts about peace (might also include peace-related human
rights- and environmental issues),

What is not allowed:
* Biased posts commenting on national and internal armed conflicts.
These will be advised to be expressed in other internal or external
* Personal attacks
* Rude behavior
* Critical and/or negative comments about or toward another member
* Swearing
* Self promotion
* Advertising