is a volunteer based project committed to feeding the hungry in Los Angeles. Doris Presley, a master chef who's been feeding the hungry for 26 years, and Jerry Chan, a big man with an even bigger heart, has been feeding the hungry with her for 12 years.\n \n Doris Presley and Jerry Chan can claim close to 40 years experience, between them in feeding the hungry. What drives both of them is the inability to stand around doing nothing while good food’s being wasted.\n \n Because of their unwavering commitment, Doris and Jerry have been able to connect with an amazing group of donors who are helping them feed the hungry in Los Angeles. On a weekly basis, local restaurants,, donate food to Doris and Jerry, so kids, families and the many homeless people in our neighborhoods, needn’t go to bed hungry tonight. \n \n For the past twelve years, Jerry and Doris have been feeding upwards of 9,000 people a month, just by moving it to the right places, in his own small pickup. But he’s leaving behind thousands of pounds of food that won’t fit in it. \n \n Their goal is to purchase a refrigerated van to work with, he and Doris could be feeding thousands more. What’s striking is the enormous impact they can have, for a relatively small outlay. A single payment of $58,660 gets them a truck that will feed another 21,000 people. Using Jerry’s pickup as well, they’ll be feeding 30,000 people a month, 360, 000 people a year, at no cost to the taxpayer. Not only is the food free, but the labor is, too.\n \n A GOFUNDME.COM page will be set up soon to make this dream come true.