SESEL – Sell, Buy and Advertise.

WELCOME to the ‘SESEL – Sell, Buy & Advertise’ community.

To SELL new or second hand products, e.g. laptops, car parts, used
furniture, jewellery, etc… and to MARKET your PRODUCTS & SERVICES for
FREE in civility and respect.

Like in other Facebook groups, advertising websites and local
journals, some sellers still will not state the price. In such cases,
buyers have the choice to engage in a healthy negotiation with the
seller or move to other posts whereby prices are displayed.

‘SESEL – Sell, Buy & Advertise’ group is meant to be a FREE way to
make your Products/Services known. So let us take the advantage of
this growing community of more than 12,000 members in one place to boost
your SALES.

Constructive Criticism must be sent as a message to SeselAdmin.

All abusive, inappropriate and unrelated posts (Political, Racist,
Sexist, etc...) will be removed without notice.

The group must not be crowded with multiple posts of similar items
from same member. In such cases, members are advised to post all
images into a single album or create a Facebook Page which the link
can then be shared into the Group. If this is not respected, excess
posts will simply be hidden.

Any member of the group is subject to REMOVAL at any time at the
discretion of the Group Admin, if we feel that He/She is encouraging
negativity in the group causing us to drift away from our main
objective which is to SELL, BUY & ADVERTISE.

NOTE: Joining this group means you are in agreement with all above,
members who already joined the group please review the updated

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