Welcome to the SPORTS FANS ONLY (SFO) group!

This group is for ...all sports fans.

1. Trash talk about teams, players and fanbases is allowed. But personal attacks will not be tolerated. This includes comments on sexuality along with physical and emotional issues.
2. Sports reporters and business people are welcome to share their content, but please keep posts to a minimum and don't share your links in someone else's post.
3. No politics. Bringing up politics will only cause additional drama.
4. No advertising unless if you have an admin's permission. All false commercials will be removed without question.
5. Please don't report posts unless if they're spam posts. Sometimes one of the admins will get placed in Facebook jail over something silly. Just tag an admin and we'll delete it as soon as possible.
6. No blocking of admins. We can't discipline you, if necessary.

1. Game threads will be posted on a regular basis.
2. The SPORTS FANS ONLY After Party (SFOAP) is posted each night at 9 pm PT. You all can talk about anything in this thread.
3. Threads for Man Crush Monday, Transformation Tuesday, Woman Crush Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, Fun Fact Friday, Selfie Saturday and Home Cooked Sunday will be posted each week.

Head admin: Ana Kieu

Assistant admins: Allan Michael, Derek Miller, Derrick Pendergrass, Floyd Wilson, Jake LaSalle, Joseph Blake, Matt A Kowardy and Rachel Larsen.