Shaman's Legacy Dog Rescue Community and Competitions!

This group is the main page that will be used to raise funds for Shaman's Legacy Dog Rescue.
The main aim is for it be a place where we can have fun competitions, auctions and sell things on to make money, and raise awareness of Shaman's Legacy and all it stands for.

Shaman's Legacy Dog Rescue is a non profit organisation that rescues dog's of any breed, size, age or status. Based in King's Lynn in West Norfolk, the aim is to use foster homes to get dogs securely into rescue when this service is needed. Established in October 2013 I have been shocked at the amount of dogs that have had to come into rescue, but also the amount of dogs I've had to refer to other rescue organisations as I simply do not have the space or the money to properly care for them.

All dogs stay for a minimum of 4 weeks in a foster assessment situation, so that when it comes time to move onto their forever homes, we are sure the dog and their new hoomans are perfectly matched., so that this home is the dogs' last home. Although this is a fantastic way to run a rescue, it is an expensive way too. On average, once you've added up the cost of transport, food, vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, micro chipping and neutering, I can be spending around £250 - £300 per dog! Obviously this does not include any emergency vet treatments that need to take place!
When it comes to a dog moving onto their forever home, most of these monies are not recouped, and that's where you all come in!!

Fundraising and donations are what makes a rescue stay alive, and it's what makes the dogs get that chance, sometimes their last chance, to be able to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I am always up for listening to different fundraising ideas, and appreciate any advice I am given to get these dogs the help they need. So please, get them thinking caps on and lets make Shaman's Legacy Dog Rescue the Elite rescue for West Norfolk!!

Head on over to
to meet the dogs, read their stories and see where your money goes.

(I have a very transparent fundraising account so if at any point you would like to see proof of your money being spent on only the dogs, please let me know and that can be privately arranged)

Thank you all for being here, your help and support is always appreciated
Lindsey xx