Share 4 Marketing

You can share anything to successful in Marketing. Any tips about Marketing is always welcome.

GROUP Terms and Policies:

■ NO Spamming
■ NO Racism
■ NO Insults
■ NO Personal Attacks
■ NO Attacks on Political or Religious figures
■ NO Flooding
■ NO Incentive comments
■ Keep in your limits always.
■ Don't post or comment something rude which the person have to been feel embarrasing
■ Respect girls
■ NO share any bad pic or songs
■ No Adult Website Promote,
■ No Adult Video Promote and no any other group promotion.
■Rules are enforced for each and every member in the group. If u don't act properly, We will kick you out from the group.
■ If once the member kicked out he will be not Added again in case of his apology he may be allowed for Last time to the group.

Wish your success by using the better use of the Group.