Often times we find ourself pressured by
many problems and worries,abt life and
expecially in our relationships..we find ourself
Alone wit our thoughts,no one to share or
talk to,no one close enough to help us out wit
a sincere advice,a challenging word to inspire
and put u back on track..this group Was
created for dat purpose,to talk abt life n
relationship problems freely wit people of like
minds,its a group that reliefs us from stress n
help us relax,its a family wit Strong intentions
n positive motives,we help to give advice n a
listening ear d best way we can...
Pls feel free to post ur
questions,articles,observations,and sincere
opinions abt marriage,relationship and life
issues...clean JOKES,RIDDLES,and POEMS are
also allowed..
PLS insultive words n coments will not be
entertained,let us try As much as we can to
respect other pples views n
opinions,everyone is important.
Welcome to our humble group,we hope u
learn a lot from ur stay here,and to equally
learn from u..
Thanks and God bless!!

Section 1
This group was created to achieve the
1.1 to bring ppl of different ethnicity under
one roof.
1.2 to create a forum for friends to discuss
issues bothering around life's circumstances.
1.3 to help solve each other's problems and
1.4 to forster unity and oneness.
1.5 to meet and make friends.
1.6 to have fun and ease the stresses of life
that comes with life issues inevitably.
Section 2
2.1 ponography is highly and extremely
2.1.2 such post and pix shall be removed
without the consent of the uploader.
2.1.3 if such member thereby reposts such or
similar content, it shall also be removed
without cinsent and a warning shall thereby
be passed to such member.
2.1.4 upon further post by same member,
such member shall be withdrawn from the
2.2 direct insults on people's personality
would not also be tolorated.
2.2.2 it is also inevitable that some ppl are
more sensitive to words than others, under
such scenerios a quiet apology would be
required from the offender.
2.2.3 if the offender refuses to apologise, it
shall be counted to him/her for
unrighteosness and a warning shall thereby
be issued to avoid over-flogging issues that
can cause strife and division.
2.2.4 upon refusals, the offender shall be
suspended for a period of 2 days.
2.3 harsh and raw words must always be
sensored eg. d**k, p$#&y, c&*k, [email protected]#Bs, f&*k,
c!~t, etc.
2.3.2 upon default, section 2.1 shall apply
2.4 hate and offensive post and comments
would not be tolorated.
2.4.2 upon default, section 2.1.3 and 2.1.4
shall apply thereby.
2.5 comments and post targeted at religions
shall not also be tolerated be it at christians &
muslims and others alike be it joke or serious.
2.5.2 upon default, section 2.1.3 and 2.1.4
shall apply thereby.
2.6 institution or may i say implimatations of
the rules is a collective responsibility but the
verdict shall therefore only be passed by the
executive themselves,
2.6.2 where there is a conflict of interest
among the executives, the final verdict shall
thereby be passed by the chief executive
himself who in this case is (Mr Stanley Okechukwu .
a.k.a. Okey De Best).
2.6.3 upon further disobeying of the verdict
from the C E O, the member shall thereby
be suspended for a week where in which
period he is not aloud to post or comment on
any update.
2.6.4 upon further insensitivity the member
shall thereby be withdrawn from the group.
3.1 the group is not open to ppl of all ages,
the group is limited to ppl of ages between
18 to 60.
3.1.2 upon discovery of members not in this
age range, such member shall be removed
especially if such member be of lesser age.
3.2 the group is not open to religious
3.2.2 upon discovery, sections 2.6 shall apply
3.3 the group is not also created for inhuman
and insensitive ppl. be warned
3.3.2 upon discovery such members shall be
By all the admins

Created by
Stanley okechukwu
A.k.a. Okey De Best