English Language Teaching (ELT)

Welcome to the group " English Language Teaching Group !!
Welc...ome new members and admins.
please , do not change any setting of our group. It is public group for all.
I choose you bcz I trusted you from the core of my heart.

loves you all & Allah bless!

This group is dedicated to English language learning & acquisition.

All your posts must be relevant to English language acquisition if you wish to post greetings.

English is the language of this group. If you wish to post anything in other languages, please post it with English translation.

This unique group is dedicated to English learning. Please pay your kind attention to our group rules-

1. Please do not post in any other language except English.
2. Please do not share anything from other groups.
3. Please do not post any adds and personal photos.
4. Please do not post any thing about politics.
5. Please do not post any links to other groups or pages.
6. Please do not post any kind of dirty pics,religious issues .
7. Please do not post any kind of provocative materials.
7.Those who break our rules will be banned constantly from this group.

We arrange a quiz daily in our group.
Where you can justify your knowledge zone in English by attending.

Best regards,
ELT 's admin.