Shiro No Tsubasa - AOTTg (Attack On Titan Tribute game)

Guild :- Shiro No Tsubasa

About Shiro No Tsubasa

This group is more than just guild for AoTtg, but also for fun by playing many other games, talk bout manga or anime or for hangout/chatting and making friends, but the most important is to strengthing bonds between member by sharing, supporting, and take care each other.

If you want to join, please pm Jc Jy, or Coltrane Vaughan

Shiro No Tsubasa Moral

We, never looked at your ages, gender, where are you from, who are you, or even what is you look like. We, will always respect you and help you, and will we never ask anything to return. What we want from you is your respect. Because We, Shiro No Tsubasa, is one, as a family. And every member is precious.

Motto : "Strengthen Your Faith and You can Overcome Anything"

Shiro No Tsubasa Rules

1. Settle personal disputes/misunderstandings privately
through PM.

2. Do not post offensive topics. Respect each other.

3. If difficult problems arise, ask help from Leader, Sub-Leaders, or Mediator or other Officer

4. If a member wants to leave, respect their decision, and let them leave in peace. They have their reasons.

5. Those who do not wish to ask for the help of the authorities mentioned in #3, it is alright to ask for help from your closest or trusted guildmates.

6. English is not our mother language so please be patient with each other as misunderstandings cannot be avoided sometimes.

7. Violations will be subjected to
appropriate punishment, like get banned from group

8. Member who absent will get warning, if the absent keep going until fourth time, the absent member will get kicked