Shippensburg Get Connected-Get Active

Shippensburg Get Connected-Get Active!
My wife Lindsay and I (Torrey) created this group for 3 reasons- it may be a bust but hoping the idea will be great or refined after a while for everyones benefit.

1. We have 3 kids its winter- always looking for activities to get into. Our boys aren't into any 1 thing to have a set schedule so always look at bulletins-paper, etc. Where do we spend most of our time- we work from the computer so why not if you see something- run something- know of a good cause etc- post it- what it is- time-location something. Can be anything church-holiday related- athletics-crafts- wheres Santa besides the mall- any breakfasts for a good cause?

2. Our passion/lifestyle is leading toward clean eating w/ fitness mixed in. Lindsay has a like page Fitness and Nutrition with Coach Lindsay Gontz can go like that but would like to share recipes-motivation-work outs- perhaps organize runs/walks etc for ourselves and kids. No 1 was for the kids- No. 2 we adults need to fit time for ourselves as well! Lindsay is part of a moms group outside Harrisburg its great to have/make friends w/ common interest!

3. With #2 we are pursuing a business opportunity. Our business is not for everyone but want this page to promote the small businesses and direct sales locally. I think it would benefit local shop owners to post sales/outings or links to their like page. We find ourselves overstressed in our current job- more and more people seeking ways to work from home/earn extra income/enjoy what they are doing. We'll refer to what we are pursuing vaguely and if ready to jump on board can go to our like page!

Any suggestions please let me know-spready the word- can go to surrounding areas!
We're keeping closed to monitor at our discretion.