Going back to the TRUTH- and the truth shall set you FREE!!!

The TRUTH in the seacrets of the IVRIT (the HEBREW), as they appeare trough the HOLY SCRIPTURES: The Bible (TANACH) as it cannonized: The Torah(The five books of Moses), the PROPHETS(Neve'em), the FIVE SCROLLS (Chamesh Megilot) and the Ketuvim(The other holy writitngs), and of course the NEW TESTEMENT(THE BRIT CHADASHA)..

The holy tounge of the IVRIT (HEBREW) hold within it many seacrets of the HEAVEN, as the HEBREW LETTERS were sanctified by ABBA(Heavenly Father) as HE showed it to MOSES in their pattern IN THE SPIRIT on the Mount of Sinai, as before HE wrote HIS TEN COMMENTMENTS engraved on the two tablets of stone. Following that day the Torah was given to the people of Israel on Mt. Sinqi, the people of Isarael, among many other names given to them beside: Israel, Yeshurun, the chossen people of GOD, etc..one of their names is: AM HASEFER meaning: The people of the book or more to say: The keepers of the book. Now of course the meaning here is first, the TORAH as was given to the JEWS to keep it safe and guard it with our lives..sine this TORAH is our life, as Moses commanded!!
and the commendment was given to the jews was to be the light for the nations..So in my heart is to reavel some of the seacrets of the kingdom will be reaveled to me to reavel to you all trough the hebrew at the holy scriptures..by the great mercie of our GOD, and HIS SON YESHUA MASSICH BEN DAVID, BLESSED BE THEIR NAME FOR EVER AND EVER MORE, AMEN!!