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A place for Shoot & Share Photographers to learn and grow together. More info:


• This is a discussion based group. Feel free to ask questions or start discussions about Shoot & Share/Photography related topics.
• If you'd like to share a photo, include a story about it and EXIF Data.
• No CC, edit help posts, photo comparisons, or "Likefests"
• This is a positive place. Please take rants about clients/Other Photographers elsewhere.
• Personal Attacks are NEVER tolerated.

This is a positive, encouraging, and safe place for brand new photographers and veterans alike. It's also a safe place to ask any question and know you won't be belittled. So ask away.

Our purpose as a community is to:
• Share our gifts
• Focus on service
• and Celebrate New Photographers!

Come join us and ask questions, learn from the community, celebrate successes, and spread some love.

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