Group for all the genre's of wanky widdle -

Do share your (free) music tracks, lessons demo's of your own gear and vids , chat about the wonders of gear and guitar are the rules , read them before you post anything.

1. Do not spam (meaning don't post anything that in any way is an attempt to sell anything , link to sales, products , or websites that sell products )

Some exceptions will be made at admin discretion to friends or sponsors - ask first to avoid immediate ban.

2.ONLY post in English or your post will be deleted

3. Do not take up the wall with multiple posts of your stuff , repeat posts or several different posts at the same time clogging up the wall .

If you have 2 or 3 tracks you want to share one day , then post several songs in the same thread by replying to your own post .

4 If you post a track then repost the same thing again later it will be deleted, if you do it again, it and you will be removed , if you re-join and do it again the ban will be permanent.

5 CAPS LOCK! Don't do it!

6 PLZ No Posting other FB groups, Promoting Just your Youtube channel (other than tracks or lessons from them) , Promoting Just facebook pages without having made any attempt to converse here in GA

Posting the above in threads as conversation is ok if relevant , there ARE other ways to shamelessly tout for likes and subscriptions ( tho reminding people to subscribe when you post a track is ok)

7. Please refrain from abusing others, or swearing . be considerate to others you don't agree with, like or respect, unless they spam.