Stop Human Rights Violations In Occupied Balochistan

"It is high time for the UN to recognize Balochistan as an occupied country and Baloch Nation as an occupied Nation. UN must pass resolutions against Pakistan if she doesn't stop the massacre of Baloch Nation. Balochistan issue must be resolved according UN charter of Rights. Baloch demands their sovereign state back and International Community must come to the aid of Baloch Nation to help Baloch achieve their goal (Independent Balochistan). We also appeal to Human rights organizations and international communities to pressure UN against the human rights violation in occupied Balochistan by Pakistan & Iranii state ,UN must act high time now against Pakistan & Iran's crimes against humanity in occupied Balochistan and must support the Independence of Balochistan...

we also plea to international media to highlight the atrocities of Pakistan & Iran against Baloch nation.and must visit Balochistan to report the heinous crimes of Pakistan & Iran army."

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