Shuhari Self Defence

This is a group for the members and supporters of Shuhari Self D...efence.

We are based in Berkshire, and we offer pragmatic & streetwise self defence training.

The tuition covers only the simplest & most effective techniques that you can remember and apply under pressure. We have a no nonsense approach to personal protection.

What we do:

· Self defence classes
· Group sessions [2-3 people]
· Private tuition
· Women’s self defence classes [awareness & how to defend your self against a male attacker]
· School seminars [self defence for kids]
· Staff seminars [Industry specific advice & training]
· Self defence in vehicle course [for taxi drivers & driving instructors]
· Personal safety at home
· Education on self defence & the law
· Understanding fear & adrenaline
· Conflict management [for doorman, police, security officers, prison officers]
· Advanced tuition: [multiple opponents, weapons etc.]
. Awareness & combative focus workshops.
. Mental distraction & psychological advantage training.
. Terry torso, precision drills
. Padwork & bagwork for impact power generation.
. Vertical grapling, close range striking.
. Groundwork & anti takedown training.
. Drills with real life scenarios of verbal and physical confrontation

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