Expats and locals living in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Warning, from time to time debate amongst members may become lively and some language used may cause offence to some. It is merely the human condition.
It is a friendly and welcoming group for anyone living in Siem Reap to get to know one another. All come, expats and locals alike :) And to engage in social debate, for the issues that face Cambodia are as wide and varied as the expats and locals themselves!! Enjoy:)

1. Free speech is a key part of this group however anyone found to be using the group as a tool in a personal vendetta against other individuals or businesses is likely to be destroyed by angels of death with fiery labia shooting fire balls.
2. Please try to keep comments and constructive.
3. If you would not be prepared to say something to the individual's face, don't post it.
4. If you don't like it,don't scroll past it.
Carefully considering every single
utterance, will preserve your own
niceness. And remember to always
take offence at what shits you.
Thank you for making me a sandwich girl!!