Enactus AiU (Albukhary)

The group page is solely for the Members of Enactus AiU to update them with activities, events, projects and news realted to Enactus and Eanctus AiU.

Enactus AiU, formerly known as SIFE AiU, has been established in Albukhary International University (AiU) in January 2012, running under the Department Driven Programme of Student Affairs at AiU.

Since its establishment, Enactus AiU has been operating with the same mission, vision and core values that each and every Enactus team follows worldwide. Our Purpose is to enable progress through entrepreneurial action.

Enactus AiU is basically an international organization driven by AiU stdents who run projects to improve quality of life and standard of living of the target people in need, and also connect business and corporate leaders in their initiatives.

So far Enactus AiU has been participated and presented its projects in the Enactus Malaysia National Exposition (EMNE) for two times, one in 2012 and the other one in 2013, and had some successful achievements.

Currently, Enactus AiU is trying to go forward aggressively with its new activity and project plans in 2014.