Simei United Football Club (Official)

Simei United Football Club (Home Of The Tigers)was formed in
1988 by their own bred football boy in the neighborhood name Faisal Rashid (blk 106 simei st 1)who was 14
yrs of age back then.He got together with his neighborhood football friends to form up the club to represent
their beloved neighborhood. In 1993 the team decided to play in a competition (Eunos Csc 7a side
Tournament).The team managed to buy their 1st team jersey through scraping their school allowances and
part time job(deliver newspapers in the wee mornings).The team jersey was a molten brand and yellow in
colour which cost per player $25/- dollars.As for the tournament fees the team captain got some extra part
time jobs to save enough to pay for the tournament fees which was $60/-. The team was excited to be in
their 1st tournament and train almost everyday after school in the afternoon till dusk.With no Qualified
coach to train them the team rely much on their school team experience to conduct the training. When the
tournament began The team captain and his team of amateurs footballers was doing great winning all their
4 round robin matches and soon unexpectingly found themselves in the Final. As both teams got drew in
the full time the game,has to be decided by penalty shoot-out.Their team captain who was also the gk save
the deciding penalty and Simei United Football Club got their first championship.The team and their captain
cried for joy and jubilation was in the air as their team hard earned effort,teamwork and perseverances
paid off. In 1995 was the saddest and lowest point of the club as the players had to leave due to
family ,national service,move away and other personal matters.

In 2004 fate has brought back the team captain who has seen got married and shifted back to his beloved
neighborhood(Blk 160 Simei Road).He got started to revive back his beloved club with the new
neighborhood boys.

In November 2006 Simei United Football Club was officially reignited back with Faisal Rashid as their New
Team Manager .
(CEO)Agility International Logistics Pte Ltd Mr Mykell Lee has generously sponsored our New team kits
for the re-lauching of the club.
Our kits were supplied by TOPPER (Pacific Sports Pte Ltd) with the help of Mr Malek Awab.

Simei United Football Club will be vying for honours in every tournament they participate. Just Remember
history just might repeat............again.

Club Objectives-To create platform for amatuer players to play and enjoy football together as a cohesive unit playing in ESPZEN League.

Simei United FC is affilated to Changi Simei CSC as a feeder for their FAS Interconstituency & NFL project.

Any interested players wish to join please contact Team Manager Mr Faisal Rashid.

Simei United FC
Milestone,Accolades & Honours-
Eunos CSC 7a Side Cup (Champion)
(Simei United FC U-17)
Top Scorer:Chen Jing (Fwd:05xGoals)
Top Player:Faisal Rashid(Gk)
Youth Player Of The Year'93:Alvin Leong(Def)
Player of The Year'93:Faisal Rashid(Gk)
Officiial Of The Year'93:Faisal Rashid(Player/Manager)

Workyear :2006
Changi Simei CSC Futsal Cup'07(4th)
(Simei United FC U-16)
Top Scorer:Suffian Sapri(Def:4xGoals)
Top Player:Salwin Singh(Fwd)
Youth Player Of The Year'06:Vincent Cen(Def)
Player of The Year'06:Suffian Sapri(Def)
Offcial Of The Year:Faisal Rashid(Manager-Youth Team)

ESPZEN Sunday League Season 6 Div 9(3rd)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Suffian Sapri(Fwd-12xGoals)
Top Player:Zainatul Azhar(Mid)
ESPZEN Sunday FA Cup Season 6(Quarternifinal)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Amirrudin Tokuman(Mid:04xGoals)
Top Player:Hasri Masnor(Mid)
Youth Player Of The Year'07:Rizal Razali(Def)
Player Of The Year'07:Khalid Sani(Mid)
Official Of The Year'07:Ramdhan Rashid(Coach-Technical)

ESPZEN Sunday League Season 7 Div 8(3rd)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Jack Lian(Fwd) & Khalid Sani(Mid):05xGoals
Top Player:Khalid Sani(Mid)
ESPZEN Sunday League Season 8 Div 7(5th & Fairplay)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Aidil Rahmat(Mid):06xGoals
Top Player:Shahir Sulaiman(Def)
ESPZEN Sunday FA Cup Season 8(2nd Round)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Aidil Rahmat (Mid)& Zainatul Azhar(Mid):01xGoal
Top Player:Aidil Rahmat(Mid)
ESPZEN Saturday League Season 2 Div 1(9th)
(Simei International FC)
Top Scorer:Suffian Sapri:11xGoals
Top Player:Daniel Tan(Mid)
Punggol CSC 7a side Cup'08(3rd)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Khairuldin Mustafah(Fwd):04xGoals
Top Player:Ali Ghazali(Mid)
Youth Player Of The Year'08:Faiz Rahmat(Def)
Player Of the Year'08:Farhan Jumaat(Def)
Official Of The Year'08:Engelbert De Silva(Manager-Simei International FC)

Changi Simei RC Zone 1 Futsal Cup
(Champion-Zone 1)
Top Scorer:Jalal Sayed(5xGoals)
Top Player:Syazwan Daud(Def)
(2nd Runner Up-Zone 4)
Top Scorer:Farhan Alias(Def):03xGoals
Top Player:Jason Leo Vincent(Def)
(3rd Runner Up-Zone 3)
Top Scorer:Jemal Amsah(Def):3xGoals
Top Player:Navin Bassi(Gk)
ESPZEN Sunday League Season 10 Div 9(5th)
(Simei International FC)
Top Scorer:Suffian Sapri:12xGoals
Top Player:Janshar Khan(Def)
ESPZEN Sunday League Season 10 Div 7(Champion)
(Simei United FC)
Top Scorer:Hairul Nazri(Mid):11xGoals
Top Player:Syazwan Daud(Def)
Football OPOD Feature Player-15th Dec'09
Simei United FC-Khalid Sani(Mid)
ESPZEN Sunday FA Cup Season 10(Quarterfinal)
Top Scorer:Hairul Nazri(Mid):06xGoals
Top Player:Hazliq Wahid(Fwd)
ESPZEN Sunday Champion Cup Season 10(1st Rd)
Top Scorer:Khalid Sani(Mid):01xGoal
Top Player:Amin Jenid Arriola(Gk)
Youth Player Of The Year'09:Amin Jenid Arriola(Gk)
Player of The Year'09:Syazwan Daud(Def)
Official Of The Year '09:Jason Chaizheng(Coach-Kitman)

ESPZEN Sunday League Season 12 Div 3(3rd)
Simei United FC
Top Scorer:Erwin Chua(Fwd):07xGoals
Top Player:Khalid Sani(Mid)
ESPZEN Sunday FA Cup Season 12(Quarterfinal)
Simei United FC
Top Scorer:Suria Prakash(Fwd):02xGoals
Top Player:Amin Jenid Arriola(Gk)
ESPZEN Sunday League Season 13 Div 2(8th)
Simei United FC
Top Scorer:Aidil Rahmat(Mid):06xGoals
Top Player:Amin Jenid Arriola(Gk)
Youth Player Of The Year'10:Erwin Chua(Fwd)
Player of The Year'10:Danial Tan(Mid)
Official Of The Year '10:Jefri Ismail(Def/Asst Coach)

Workyear 2011:
ESPZEN Sunday League Season 15 Div 6(4th)
Top Scorer:Zul Elhan Fahmi(Mid):07 xGoals
Top Player:Hairul Nazri(Mid)
ESPZEN Sunday League Season 16 Div 5(7th)
Top Scorer:Erwin Chua(Fwd):04 xGoals
Top Player:Danial Tan(Mid)
Youth Player Of The Year'11:Muksin Muttaqin(Def)
Player of The Year'11:Zul Elhan Fahmi(Mid)
Official Of The Year '11:Aidill Rahmat(Asst Manager)