Clash of Clans -

This group is specially created for fans and by fans of Clash of Clans to share strategy & ideas.

Anyone who fail to follow the FB community standards will be kicked & banned!

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Guys, let's set some keywords for recruitment & seeking for clan to join.

"Join My Clan" are the words for post that want people to join his/her clan

"Need a Clan" are the words for post who is seeking a clan to join

This way you can search this group quicker to join a clan or recruit clan members.

I will put all my Clash of Clans videos here and not just clan members can join. Do behave! :D

Or you can go to to watch all my videos

There's no requirement for you to be in my clan simonvideo or

Have fun and share your strategy!

Any updates will also be at

Rules of this group is simple

Follow the Facebook Community standard