Sin City the Aftermath

Welcome to Sin City the Aftermath

This is not a Roast Group so ...please do not come in here trolling our members

We have very simple rules

Absolutely NO DISRESPECTING My Admin team!!!

Do not Block Admins
Do not flood the wall with pics of females you don't know
Do not Flood the walls with random nasty pics of feet n shit nobody wanna see that.
No Roasting on any females pics
No Side by Sides allowed on the wall
No Nudes during regular hours
Do not troll anyone
Do not Share pics posted in the group this is a closed group

If you're a man and ppl are roasting your pics you have 2 options 1 delete it or 2 roast them back but don't bring it to the wall keep it on your post....

We have a nudes night for the freaks of the group Friday nights between 12am and 4 am you are allowed to post nudes, All male pics must remain on the Mans post, We don't want the wall flooded with Dick pics..... At 4:01am all nudes will be removed and the group will go back to normal.

We will be having contest for the women and a Blog Talk show for ppl that want to speak on the Radio so stay tuned for that. If you feel something is missing from the group then add it to it, Not enough Conversation topics then add some not enough Group games then put one up, We want this Group to be fun for everyone.

We welcome you to Sin City and hope you choose to stay and enjoy the Group....