Singapore Expat Women

Welcome to Singapore's largest gathering of forward thinking women.

This platform is designed to connect like-minded women from all walks of life who have either moved to Singapore lately, been here for some time and/or looking to move here soon.

You are all welcome.

Join this group if you are looking for tips, guidance and lessons learnt from other women around familiar topics. Or simple come on board to join the conversation and make new friends.


We do have a couple of basic RULES we would like to highlight:

1. Please don’t post anything commercial in nature here. This means promotion of your product, company, event etc.


That said, we are making an exception to the above rules for Mondays. That’s right, on every Monday you can feel free to plug your business, event or whatever else you are selling. We call it “PLUG MONDAYS”.

2. Play nice and be encouraging. If you feel like calling people out, being nasty and/or trolling particular threads, then please do it on the other groups. There is no room for it here! We started this group because people were sick of the attitude and negativity of the other groups. So just play nice, chill out and enjoy making some new friends.

Welcome onboard and please don’t forget to invite your friends too.

SEW Team xx

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