Sitetalk Social Networking

Sitetalk is very simple,easy and aslo funny just like as Facebook.. But here you will be paid for your joining and referring.

So get joined with our team and be paid..

*Chat Online and Get Paid in Euros through a Social Networking/Business Site from U K, called SITETALK.*Free Hotel Accomodation anywhere in the World (3-7 star hotel status).*Shareholder Status in Sitetalk

*Log on to and Sign up for FREE. You will have a Sitetalk Userlink with your Username. That is, . Eg if your username is asf4u90, your Sitetalk Userlink is Your Sitetalk Userlink is your Website which you Logon to Chat and Socialise. Therefore, note your email, username and password.

*Edit your Profile in your Sitetalk Site, (Skills, Education,etc and Upload your Picture). To Edit, click on that tool that looks like a Spanner by the left top side in your Site. When you click, 3 icons appear, namely: Edit your Profile, Edit your Skills and Edit your Settings. Make sure you complete everything in these icons,even the ones you don’t know or don’t like,fill in something.
*Tell/Invite your Friends to Join you through Your Sitetalk Userlink to build a Network of People. Let them do as you have done.

*Tell your Friends to Invite their own Friends to Join them through their own respective Sitetalk Userlinks and do as you have done.

NOTE: Your Work in Sitetalk is to Build a Network of People.
*Log on to and Login with your Sitetalk Username and Password to Monitor Your Account, Shares, Network etc.

NOTE: Sitetalk operates a Binary System of Networking. That is two legs (Left and Right Legs). By default, the system is set to Left. That is, anybody joining you in Sitetalk, will be on your Left Leg. As you Sign up Peole, Make Sure you change the setting to Right, so that you have a Balanced Network. You will be doing this from time to time on any of the Legs to Balance your network as more people join u. It is for your own Good.
To Change Your Network Placement, Login to your Unaico Account, Click on Geneology, then Network Placement Sponsorship, click the Right Button (to change to Right) and click on Enter Network Placement. If you want to change to Left again, repeat the same process, but click on the Left Button.You can also Sign up People under any of your Downlines.
You can also buy/sell your Sitetalk/Unaico Shares.

*Log on to to get all information you need about Sitetalk/Unaico, their Compensation Plan, Management Team etc, and Download the Presentation Softwares for Free.Sitetalk is the Social Networking Site of Unaico. It is like facebook but the difference is that you are Paid in Sitetalk for doing the same thing that you do in facebook without payment.Unaico (owners of Sitetalk) is a Servicing and Marketing Company in U K. It is like amazon, but the difference is that you are Paid in Unaico for all Transactions made in Your Entire Network (Level 1-7).

*You Earn Money in Sitetalk through 5 Different Sources, namely:
a.Direct Bonus:You Earn 10% of either 149 Euros or 500 Euros or 2000 Euros worth investment/purchase on Gift Card from anybody you introduced directly (your level 1 people).
b.Team Bonus:You Earn 10% of all investments or purchases made in your entire network, from Level 1-7
c.Matching Bonus:You Earn a percentage of the Earnings of anybody in your entire network. For any Earner in your level 1, you Earn 5% of what he/she Earns. 4% of your Earners Earnings in Level 2, 3% of your Earners Earnings in Level 3, 2% of your Earners Earnings in Levels 4-7
d.Internal Option for Future Certificate (O.F.C) Market. That is Shareholder Status, and your shares appreciates every 4 months
.e.Active Sitetalk Members Incentive: Anybody in your entire network (Level1-7) that fulfills the First 2 Conditions below is said to be Active. Each Active Member is Tagged 1 Euro every week. You Earn 10% of all the Euros here.

*Your are Paid in Euros Weekly for Life.

*Luxury Villa
*Cash Bonus of 100 000 Euros.
*Executive Rolex Watch
*Travels/Holiday Incentives
Therefore, Don’t Chat for Fun, Chat for FUND

*You must Edit Your Profile and Upload your Picture in your Site and Invite Sitetalk Members to your Site. For example Soody ( your upline)
*You must be Active on the Site. That is, you must Visit your Site at least 3 times a Week. When you Login into your Site, Click on the WALL icon above your Picture. A question appears saying “What is on your mind?”. Click inside it and say anything (like Hello world and Sitetalk members, I wish you a happy day), click on the Arror by your Right to Share it. You can also Comment on what somebody said. In Short, Just Do As You Do In Facebook.
*You must Invest either 149 Euros or 500 Euros or 2000 Euros once for Life to purchase Packaged Product of Gift Card.

Dan Anderson, Rune Evanson, Frank Ricketts, Haarek Andreason, Thomas Nordlund, Kenny Nordlund, Steven Morley, John Ng, Sabastion Greenwood. Also Elliott Omose and Atif Kamran for African Market. These are Reputable Business and MLN Experts. That is why 2 Nigerian Newspapers, The BUSINESS DAY and The NATIONAL MIRROR, of 9 March 2011 separately commented on the success of Sitetalk after 3 weeks. Just 4 weeks in Nigeria by 10 March 2011, there are 3000 registered Sitetalk Members.NOTE:Your Work in Sitetalk is to Build a Network of People. Whether you have the money to invest now or not, Sign up Now for FREE and Sign up People Now for FREE, because if you DON’T, Someone else WILL. Those that have their money now can invest.