Europe boogie skydiving

Central place to post your valuable information on future skydiving boogies based in Europe. It's always been a hassle to find all the information in one place, so this has been created having that in mind.

Any other special event, like Safety Days, Licensing exams, super special offers/opportunities like H.A.L.O. jumps etc, are most gratefully welcome to be announced.

Any member can add or approve members!!!!!

Information on the off the regular fly outs from the usual DZ operation schedule is welcome as well.

Please provide as much as detail available, people familiar with the DZ could provide valuable info on lodging, good bars, travel directions, prices, what to look for,etc, how to get there from your country of residence or other which you are familiar with (bus, train, ferry time tables/links to same, pricing, etc).

If you don't feel like to typing a detailed info, please do provide links to applicable relevant web sites/specific pages.

for example:

Thanks in advance!!!!