Skydiving Events

Ever wonder what's going on at other DZs? Where the cool kids are organizing? Where the best party is? Look no further.

Let's face it, Facebook is pretty horrible at sharing links, event pages, and getting the word out there about events, even if you're following a specific page, you more than likely don't see all of their posts.

This group is for any and all skydivers, drop zone owners, event coordinators, and/or manufacturers to promote their events to a wider audience. Feel free to post events that you find, even if you aren't involved with them. We're trying to get more awesome stuff in one place so it's easier to figure out where the epic shit is happening. :)

- Feel free to post links to Facebook event pages or links to websites with more information about a specific event
- With that link, include the following in the text of the post:

Name of Event
Any other info that is relevant.

This, way, events can be easily found using the search tool at the top of the group page. If you know you want to see freefly events - just search for "freefly" or "freeflying". If you know you want to go to a specific DZ but don't know what's happening there, search by DZ name.

If the group notifications are overwhelming, it's easy to fix - click "notifications" at the top of the page, and select the option that makes the most sense for you. That way, you can get notifications when a new post is made, or you can come here at your leisure and scroll through what's happening.

We have a simple "no assholes" policy. Don't be an asshole.

Sydney Williams of Planet Green Socks
Kolla from Blue Skies Magazine