Skyrim PS3

A community dedicated to TES: Skyrim for PS3/PS4 users. We post in english only - posts in other languages will be deleted by admins.

A dedicated group with lots of long-time members all willing to help or ready for a good discussion!

Before requesting membership:
We don't add:

* People under the age of 15
* People who do not have a visible profile picture (there are tons of scam accounts out there, we just do the job on before hand)
* Profiles with fake names, game names, etc.
(Actually a FB-rule).

If you're a "real person" (lol) and want to be added to our group, but one of these goes for you - send an admin a PM.

Please read group code of conduct under "files" once approved into the group! Thanks and enjoy one of the most social and longest living Skyrim groups on Facebook smile emoticon