Sri Lankan Google Nexus Community

We would love to hear your experiences with Google Nexus devices. Being a unique smartphone/tablet and lack of availability for Sri Lankans, we wish to gather all our Sri Lankan Nexus device users together in this group as a place where we all can share our first impressions, new experiences, unboxing moments, various issues/problems regarding Nexus line and Android. Additionally you can share latest news about Nexus, Android, Google Play Editions, Android One and Google Silver.

Decent posts are always welcome and all are free to share posts under aforementioned categories that only applies to Nexus line, Android and Google Play Edition phones. Feel free to help each other and make others feel like owning the Google's flagship phone and the tablet with stock Android.

Community Rules

- Do not flood the timeline with duplicate entries and similar posts from different sources.

- Any sort of advertising is not allowed here and those who advertised are removed or banned from the group.

- Any abusive, socially unaccepted and irrelevant contents will not be approved and those who post such contents will be banned and removed from this community.

- Approvals to join requests are only given for Sri Lankans, since this community is dedicated for Sri Lankan Nexus fans.

- Due to spread of spam, every post may have to go through an approval of the admins.

- Ideas, questions, news articles should only be related to Google devices and Android.

- You are free to share upcoming and latest news on aforementioned sections, but go through the timeline to avoid duplicate posts.

- Your Nexus usage experiences are mostly welcome here either in writing or by pictures.

- Try to use current photo albums for posting photo stories and create new albums for others to contribute.

- Always use your language politely when sharing something and be clear. You can use either English or Sinhala.