Slow Cooker Saddo's!

Share your slow cooker recipes and creations and swap ideas for hearty or healthy meals. Post about whatever takes your fancy :)

Slow Cooker Saddo’s: Basic Group Rules:

• We welcome friendly banter, but expect manners and respect within the group; irrelevant, inappropriate or offensive comments will be removed and discourteous members will be banned without warning.

• Preferably, recipes should be added as a document to the relevant file in the ‘files’ section rather than being posted to the feed as it makes them easier to find. Duplicate recipes, repeated questions, topics, links or posts will sometimes be removed by admin.

• If the file you’re looking for hasn’t been created or you have any questions, please tag or inbox admin: Rachel Tennison or Adele Walker.

• Strictly no advertising, selling or posting links to other groups, charity events or sponsorship pages without asking permission from admin first and please do not ask for votes or ‘likes’ for competitions or clog the group with posts about newspaper voucher offers as we do not support these and posts will be removed.