Smart Deals Soko Kuu Online

This is the premier market place for business people to help them sell their merchandise with ease and also connect with other vendors and customers. It’s an Online trading bazaar where you can find all kinds of products and services in one place. It catalogs thousands of products and services, both physical and digital products.
Businesses are growing through associations and not through secretive approach.
The main objective of this group is to network ambitious young people into the business world. For those already in business we need your ideas to share with the upcoming business people.

Here are some tips that'll get your product on the map.
1. Say exactly what you're selling/buying. Give specs, features, sizes and most importantly location and contacts.
2. Clear picture or even a video :)
3. Always put a fair price, and be honest.
4. Communicate! If a customer asks a question, try to answer as quickly as you can.

Forbidden posts
I. Any non-trade posts e.g. Religious, Tribal, Political, Abusive language, news updates, personal photos, etc.

Let’s share business ideas or post anything for sale. It’s an open group feel free to add friends.