Jefreaux's Smart Marketers JV/Offer Portal

Centralized JV/Offer Portal for Smart Marketers - Add your niches and Offer/JV info


The sole purpose of this group is to connect the right people to the right offers and JVs in every niche.

We want to know what markets/niches you're in, what products you offer, and how to sign up to JV with you.

My Mastermind is filled with big traffic guys, product creators, and affiliate marketers that are looking to promote complimentary products in their media buys, autoresponders, mailing lists, and download pages in ALL markets/niches.

Product Peeps - Drop a post with the following:

1. Niche/Market
2. Product Name - Brief description
3. Price Point
4. Commission Payout
5. Product Website
6. Stats/EPC (if you have them)
7. JV Sign up (Private Msg You, Email You, or Website Link)
8. Any other info you want to share about it.

Traffic Peeps/Affiliate Marketers - Drop a post with the following:

1. Niches/Markets you want products to promo.
2. Traffic Methods you use
3. List size
4. Anything else you want to share about yourself.

****NOTE: The ONLY purpose of this group is to connect offers to traffic and traffic to offers, so feel free to add your IM friends. All other discussions/questions should be done in other groups.****

On another note, the Smart Marketers Mastermind 2.0 will be opening a few additional VIP spots in the near future for the right movers and shakers in IM and Direct Marketing.

If you are an established marketer that wants to surround yourself with a powerful group of entrepreneurs doing big things... you can PM me or get on the VIP notification list here:

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